Alannah O'Malley

Empire City PD Detective


Alannah goes by a number of different names, depending on who she’s with. As a police officer she is Detective Alannah O’Malley, though those who know her and her father, Sergeant Michael (Mickey) O’Malley, have a tendency to call her Lil O. Her friends outside of the force and a number within call her Ali. When she sings she goes by Ali O. But when she hides her identity as a vigilante she goes by Knightfall.

Ali is a beautiful, young woman of Irish descent. Her wavy red hair descends below her face, though she frequently straightens it to fall onto her shoulders. Her green eyes and pale complexion along with her hair betray her heritage. Standing 5’6" (168 cm) and weighing 125 lb (57 kg) she is fairly slender, though curvy and muscular enough she wouldn’t usually be called skinny. She would, however, be called pretty, with her smooth skin and pouty lips adding to her other features.

She dresses quite differently for her different roles. As a detective she wears casual jackets and pants, such as pairing a leather jacket with stretchy pants and a stretchy shirt or perhaps a blouse that’s just barely too tight. It’s just barely professional enough, along with today’s styles, that she can get away with it. When performing she tends to wear cocktail dresses, though she might alter that for certain venues. When lounging about at home she’s happy to be in pajamas and a sweatshirt. As Knightfall she wears a charcoal gray bodysuit with a zipper in the front. She dons matching sneaker climbing shoes, gloves, and a ski mask. The outfit gets even darker as she accessorizes with ballistic sunglasses and a black wristwatch. Two matching Glock 18s with baffle suppressors are holstered to her thighs. A belt holds a couple clips and some various, useful tools. Yet regardless of the specifics, she has a tendency to accent her curves and complement her red hair as best she can.


Alannah O'Malley

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