The Avenger

Former Protector of Empire City


A costumed hero


The Avenger came to Empire City in the 80s. Initially, he was a story told by criminals – a shadowy figure that haunted the night, destroyed their well-planned heists, and fed information to the police to break up their plans.

All of that changed the night of the Empire City High School fire. A fire broke out at a high school dance and a photographer caught two pictures of The Avenger: one bursting through a window with an injured teen in his arms, and another of The Avenger jumping back into the fire to rescue others. Due to his help, there was twenty cases of smoke inhalation, but no fatalities, despite secured doors.


He was seen with Kid Avenger, who later became The Dark Avenger.


Dr Thanatos, the mad mage, had a special hatred for the hero, and the city that he held dear.


Fifteen years ago, he died during the Thanatos Disaster.

The Avenger

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