GURPS Supers: Empire City

Session 2: Searching for Clues

Manny's place and beyond...

Our heroes had Manny Torres’ address after they captured him. The warehouse where they had met was coincidentally a half a mile or so away. Unfortunately, that was half a mile across the The Crips’ territory in Chester Hill. Moving as stealthily as possible and relying on Cocuyo‘s deep knowledge of the neighborhood, they avoided Delilah’s bar, a notorious Crips hangout. (It was much easier for Major Marbles, who traveled via rooftops cloaked in darkness.)

Without much trouble, they picked the lock and snuck up into the building, leaving Warrior Woman downstairs to keep an eye on the street. Manny’s apartment was exactly what they had expected from a young man making poor choices. It was poorly cleaned, and clearly his money was being spent on a big TV, gaming systems, and way too much take-out. After searching the place, our heroes found that he’s typically on the gaming console between three and eight in the morning. They also discovered $1,500 and some pot hidden in the bathroom. The amount of pot seemed more for personal use than for sale.

Warrior Woman called up to let them know that four guys – two possibly zombies – were coming up. Our heroes headed down the stairs to deal with them. Once again, they made short work of the thugs. Dusty Rose was able to entangle and puree zombies. Chlorophyll King had a corrosive attack that wasn’t particularly useful against zombies, but did a wonderful job of intimidating the hell out of the humans. Cocuyo’s martial arts quickly took down one of the humans, and then chased the other, the group leader, as he ran away. Warrior Woman and Major Marbles batted clean up.

Once the zombies were destroyed, our heroes questioned the group leader, whose name turned out to be Mel Rodriguez. In his non-heroic persona, Cocuyo knew Mel. He’s a bright kid, who probably could have gotten out of the neighborhood if he hadn’t been sucked into the world of the Crips.

Mel told them that D (Damien) sent the zombies. D knows a guy that raises zombies. D’s been using zombies for the past three months as muscle. They’re great for fighting the The Demons. As far as Mel knew, D is at Tooti’s, another Crips hangout over on Blair St.

The party went back and forth about whether they should knock out Mel and leave him and Raul Vasquez, his unconscious companion, for the Crips to find. It was either that, or just tell him to skip town. Mel was sure that D will find him wherever he runs, so the best thing they can do is knock him out and make it look like he and Raul fought them.

Once they set the scene, leaving the two toughs sprawled out near the zombie corpses, Cocuyo called 911 and they left.



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