GURPS Supers: Empire City

Session 1: Meetings and Zombies

Our inaugural session began with our heroes meeting in the Chester Hill cemetery of Empire City. Major Marbles, Cocuyo, Warrior Woman, Chlorophyll King, and Dusty Rose met each other for the first time.

They followed individual leads about missing homeless people, disturbed graves in the cemetery, etc… they happened to converge upon the cemetery at the same time. Cocuyo lingered to prepare for when his vision came to pass. Major Marbles took a position to watch and prepare. Chlorophyll King and Warrior Woman rushed in. Dusty Rose needed a moment to spring into action.

Once they started, they made quick work of the zombies:

Major Marbles was able to disorient opponents with stygian darkness that allowed him to move and attack unseen.

Cocuyo moved with incredible speed and martial arts precision. Beating zombies down with aplomb.

Warrior Woman laid into her opponents with muscles and energy.

Chlorophyll King was able to entangle zombies and miscreants with his entangling vine. He also discovered that his toxic goo attack did little more than make zombies look that much more disturbing.

Dusty Rose flew over the gates in her glowing forcefield and was able to manipulate the force to capture, crush or obliterate her opponents.

They captured the leader, Manny Torres. Manny said that he worked for Damien, a well-known leader of the Chester Hill Crips.

Major Marbles called 911 and waited for the police to arrive and watched as they took control of the scene, the news vans came their way, and the crowds came out clamoring for answers.

Our heroes met on a warehouse roof in Chester Hill to talk, and decided on their next move: going to Manny’s address and check it out before anyone else got there.




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