GURPS Supers: Empire City

Session 3: Tooti's

Our Heroes Learn the Facts of Life

After their recent questioning of Mel Rodriguez, our heroes chatted about their options on a nearby roof and decided on a plan. They headed over to Tooti’s that evening and scoped things out to see what they could find out about D (Damien).

The first thing that they noticed on their approach was that Tooti’s was well-guarded. The street in front was empty; conspicuous “No Parking” signs ensured that the closest cover was across the street. That side of the street was full of SUVs sporting The Crips’ colors. Our heroes took to the roofs and noticed that there were a number of people in windows keeping a good eye on Tooti’s.

That first night, the only notable event was when two SUVs drove up and six people left in them. Major Marbles got the license plates to run down. Dusty Rose was able to follow one of the SUVs to Kirby Tower in the projects.

Major Marbles infiltrated the seemingly abandoned office next to Tooti’s – and found that it was in use. There were computers, internet phones, all with blinking lights to show that they were live. When he played with the phones and inadvertently made his presence known, men from next door came in. These guards seemed disciplined and had a quick response time, but Major Marbles left before he could see too much more. His distinctive darkness, however, was noticed by the guards.

The next day, Dusty Rose talked to her mentor to see about changes to her rig. She wants variable intensity controls, which he agreed could be a useful tool and a challenge. Major Marbles was able to get bugs and communication devices. Unfortunately, Chlorophyll King was not able to join them in the evening.

Dusty Rose and Cocuyo, dressed in civilian garb, went into Tooti’s to scope things out. They planted a few listening devices, but unfortunately they weren’t able to get in the back where they thought the gang discussions were going on. But they did bug a table in the middle of the bar, the ladies room, and a bulletin board near the back.

There were lights on in the back of the building, but Major Marbles darkened them. They were surprised to see a group of very disciplined guards within thirty seconds; that level of rapid response was very uncommon for gang-bangers. When the guards couldn’t see, they didn’t shoot blind. Instead they kept the door guarded so that no one could slip in. When Major Marbles repeated his darkness trick, one of the guards came out and addressed its unseen cause to see if this was an attempt at an interview with D for a spot in his crew. Major Marbles ignored him and blindly teleported into the bar.

Inside the bar, the gang members were just as disciplined as they were outside. Although they were at a huge disadvantage with Major Marbles spreading darkness around the back of the bar, they were still able to catch him and lay a beat-down upon him. The gang’s discipline broke at one point, however, showing that they were willing to shoot into one another in hopes of getting Major Marbles. More of the gang were hurt when Dusty Rose and Cocuyo came in for the rescue. Major Marbles’ darkness proved as difficult for the rest of the heroes as it was for the gang.

The party was still able to rescue Major Marbles and get him out of there. A number of the gang – or their guards, if they’re not actual Crips – were hurt or killed during the escape.

Regrouping on a nearby rooftop, our heroes began to figure out their next move.



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