GURPS Supers: Empire City

Session 5: If at first you don't succeed

Try... try again...

-————————- Begin Alternate Timeline -————————-

With everyone in position, the new attack on the warehouse began. Dusty Rose strafed some of the zombies and the SUVs from which they emerged. Unlike before, these zombies seemed to be of hardier stock. They weren’t instantly destroyed.

Chlorophyll King heard some animals in danger and rushed off to protect puppies.

Some not-too-swift Crips told the zombies to kill anyone that wasn’t a Crip. They soon found out that the zombies didn’t seem to recognize that gang members in Demons’ colors were actually Crips. Cocuyo charged after the Crip group leader and tried to stop him. He discovered that the leader seemed to have some martial arts training and was skilled enough to defend himself. Warrior Woman was overwhelmed by the zombies and found that they were stronger and faster than the others that they had encountered. The zombies were also wearing some sort of torso armor. They were strong enough to batter through Warrior Woman’s formidable defenses. Dusty Rose used her wide-range attack to blast at the zombies. She was doing major damage, but SUVs, cars, and racks in the warehouse had been inadvertent cover for the zombies. The zombies were strong enough to tear apart the Crips that were wearing Demon colors; the Crips died screaming as they were ripped limb from limb. The heroes also found out that the zombies’ armor was actually suicide vests. The vests blew up three seconds after being triggered by enough damage.

When Cocuyo was surrounded by zombies, with his last dying energy — he triggered his heretofore unknown power. The ability to travel back in time, to when he had woken up that morning.

-————————- End Alternate Timeline -————————-

Cocuyo woke up around nine and called in sick to work. (He is the one person that remembered the alternative timeline.) He called the others to let them know that he had a vision of something bad happening that day, a possibility he had warned them about. He filled them in on what may happen this afternoon at the warehouse and they started to plan things to try to avoid that future. Chlorophyll King is unfortunately busy, but may be available later.

They did their best to stick with what they would have done had they not been warned by visions, to avoid altering events until things happened at the warehouse. But they still managed to derail things.

  • Cucoyo (in his civilian identity) tried to find out more about Guerrera. He knew the man’s brother and that he’s been a patrolman for a long time and he’s pissed that he’s been passed over for promotions a number of times by those whom he feels are much less qualified. He also headed over to his dojo and saw what he assumed was Crips members trying (and failing) to recruit the guy that Cucoyo had been sparring with. He also tried to figure out what kind of event might be the target for the Crips or the Demons. He learned there’s a confirmation service at the Catholic church in the Demons’ territory, and an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) bout tonight, but neither of them sounded right to him. He also reached out to his brother to see if he can safely find out where the Demons’ headquarters or home base is. People in community outreach that he works with know the Demon’s general area, but not a specific location.
  • Dusty Rose met her scientist friend and found that he’d had the idea of putting in a radio as part of the equipment itself, which should help him communicate with her, as they’re doing experiments, etc… He’s happy to make sure it conforms to the channel specs she gives him — she’s now on the same channel as everyone else. She also checked with her non-profit contacts and found out about a quinceañera in Demons territory, but doesn’t think that might be what the Crips are targeting. Because if you go after family like that — that’s going to turn this simple gang war nuclear with a full scorched-earth mindset that won’t be able to be hidden.
  • Warrior Woman in her civilian identity, blew off school to go check out the warehouse during the day.
  • Major Marbles visited his police patrons and allies over lunch. He let his ally know about Guerrera, which they’re very happy to know about. And he was asked to try to get evidence to prove Guerrera is guilty, which will make the internal affairs case that will be starting a slam dunk. Unfortunately, they don’t have directional microphones or other tech to share with him to make that happen. He found the Demons’ general area, but not a specific location, either. He then told them that he had information about explosives and zombies at the warehouse. He told them what Cocuyo had told them about the pizza delivery cars, the zombies, and the suicide vests. He wanted SWAT, bomb squad, and police to help them, but not to do anything until he gave the word. However, his police contact and his husband (a police detective) were wary about letting zombies and explosives running unchecked in a residential area of the city. The mayor, hospitals, etc. were going to become involved earlier than Marbles would rather.

In about an hour or so, Marbles heard back from his husband. The mayor and the chief of police wanted more verified information than a single person’s word. They were going to check out the warehouse early to see if anything there can back up Marbles’ story. Marbles’ husband was able to get him a single locator bug, a receiver, a flash-bang grenade and a smoke grenade, as well as the information on how to use them. (He knew that the grenades had a three second fuse, and that the locator bug needed to be paired with the receiver, before the receiver would work.)

Warrior Woman spent her day checking out the warehouse. Major Marbles saw her there, when he came to pick up some of the other things that was on the heroes’ shopping list:

  • rope
  • door stops
  • spikes

There’s a comedy of miscommunication as Warrior Woman isn’t wearing her headset to communicate over the radio while she’s looking around. And Major Marbles doesn’t have a cell phone. Communication had to go through Dusty Rose, who had a stronger radio and therefore much longer range. Major Marbles tried to meet up with Warrior Woman, but instead made her think she was being pursued by the gang. Veiled references from a sketchy figure, weren’t enough to make Warrior Woman realize that she was talking with Major Marbles.

Later in the afternoon — about an hour or so before everything started to happen at the warehouse in the alternative timeline — police showed up in force at the warehouse to investigate. Realizing that this was probably going to disrupt things at warehouse, Cocuyo and Warrior Woman headed back over to Tooti’s to see if they can spot the pizza delivery cars and follow them to a new location.

Cocuyo was able to plant the locator bug on one of the pizza delivery cars and they were able to successfully follow them. The plan had clearly changed. The cars were dumped at a small park deep in Demons territory and the Crip drivers headed out. Cocuyo and Warrior Woman followed them on the subway. Major Marbles and Dusty Rose watched the police at the warehouse for a while, before heading over to the park. They watched the cars in case the Crips came back.

Dusty Rose and Major Marbles heard screams from a public housing tower complex across the street from the park. Dusty Rose was able to approach and get eyes on the problem: zombies were in the common area between the towers, killing people. Dusty Rose attacked one of the zombies and triggered an explosion. They were still fast, hardy, and wearing suicide vests. Marbles called his husband to share the news.

The plan for next time…

It will take 7 minutes or so for Major Marbles to get there. 15 minutes for Cocuyo and Warrior Woman to get back. In 30 minutes, the sun will be down and Major Marbles will be at full power. In the fifteen minutes, Dusty Rose can bind the doors to keep the zombies from getting into the towers, try to snipe a few of them and draw zombies back and forth. And do her best to save as many of the civilians in the courtyard as they can. (There were two dozen or so civilians when the zombies arrived.)

At some period of time in the future, the police will arrive.

But Dusty Rose is going to hold off fully attacking until the others arrive, meanwhile sticking with harrying and delaying.



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