GURPS Supers: Empire City

Season 4: Tooti's, too

Our plan does not survive contact with the enemy

From their vantage point on the roof of a convenient building a few blocks away from Tooti’s, our heroes: Chlorophyll King, Cocuyo, Dusty Rose, Major Marbles, and Warrior Woman tried to figure out what to do next after rescuing Marbles and escaping from Tooti’s.

Marbles was too weak and too fatigued to do much more than recover. Warrior Woman stayed with him, and the others headed back toward Tooti’s to try to see what they can glean from the bugs and from watching the building.

Warrior Woman had brought in the cops by calling 911 and claiming that there was an officer down. Unfortunately, The Crips have at least one dirty cop on the payroll; they knew the cops were coming before they got there. They got the bodies of the killed Crips down in the basement and did their best to clean up the backroom, where the fighting had happened. More unfortunately, their bought-and-paid-for Officer Guerrera was the lead officer that answered the call. He was able to report back that it was a prank call and that there was no officer down or anyone injured.

They also learned that D has something planned for tomorrow night that will hit The Demons hard.

With little more to learn, our heroes come up with a plan to capitalize on what they’d seen earlier in their previous surveillance. They saw cars come up and pick up D or the gang leaders when the bar closed and figured this would happen again tonight. They made a plan to have Dusty Rose and Marbles stage an attack on the front that will hopefully slow the cars down enough for Cocuyo to put the bugs on the car (or cars, if he’s fast enough) and for Chlorophyll King, who they haven’t seen yet to scare off Dusty Rose and try to get into the gang.

The best laid plans are often still thwarted by circumstances. There were more gang patrols in the area, as they tried to enact their plan when Dusty Rose and Major Marbles reported that the SUVs were approaching Tooti’s. Chlorophyll King and Warrior Woman were abysmal at hiding and drew guards over to their position. (Similarly, Cucuyo had some difficulty in hiding effectively, but managed to avoid alerting the guards.)

Dusty continued her part of the plan by swooping down and blasting the offices next to Tooti’s, shattering the glass front and splintering the door. Warrior Woman and Chlorophyll King had to improvise by throwing garbage cans into the street to try to slow down the cars and then run off from the gang members. Marbles threw down some darkness around the front door of Tooti’s to continue with the distractions and general confusion that would hopefully allow Cocuyo to get close to the cars.

Unfortunately, with the chaos in front of Tooti’s, the SUVs rushed past rather than stopping. One of the SUVs kept driving and got away. The other swerved around the trashcans and sideswiped a parked car, which slowed down its momentum enough for Cocuyo to catch up and slap a bug on its back. Dusty’s attack was enough to send the gang members outside diving to the ground and hope that they were going to survive this.

The nervous Crips, after the evening’s earlier attempt to get into Tooti’s, had positioned a sniper up on the third floor. The sniper did their best to attack the obvious flying threat: Dusty. Her force field was more than a match for the bullet that did hit her — most of the shots missed her as she flew about.

Our heroes took off in hopes to get to their prearranged rendezvous point. As Chlorophyll King and Warrior Woman headed there, they passed the back alley behind Tooti’s. They saw a late model green sedan drive off, but unfortunately they weren’t close enough to catch the license plate. There were two Crips in the back locking up the alley. Warrior Woman and Chlorophyll King were easily able to take them down.

That’s pretty much when our heroes called it a night. They wanted to try to get into the basement where the crips had hidden the bodies to try to find out where they were going — assumably to become zombies, but they weren’t sure how to get in there. They trade information, head home to sleep and to plan their day.


  • Cucoyo (in his civilian identity) tried to find out more about Guerrera. He knew the man’s brother and knew that he’s been a patrolman for a long time and he’s pissed that he’s been passed over for promotions a number of time, by what he feels are much less qualified than he is. He also headed over to his dojo and saw what he assumed was crips members trying to recruit (and failing) the guy that Cucoyo had been sparing with. He also tried to come up with what kind of event might be the target for the Crips or the Demons. He learned there’s a confirmation service at the Catholic church in the Demons territory, there’s an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) bout tonight, but neither of them sounded right to him. He also reached out to his brother to see if he can find out (safely) where the Demons’ headquarters or home base is. People in community outreach that he works with know the Demons general area, but not a specific location.
  • Major Marbles visited his police patrons and allies. He let his ally know about Guerrera, which they’re very happy to know about. And he was asked to try to get evidence to prove Guerrera is guilty, which will make the internal affairs case that will be starting a much easier slam dunk. Unfortunately, they don’t have directional microphones or other tech to share with him to make that happen. He found the Demons general area, but not a specific location, either.
  • Dusty Rose met her scientist friend and found that he’d had the idea of putting in a radio as part of the equipment itself, which should help him communicate with her, as they’re doing experiments, etc… He’s happy to make sure it conforms to the channel specs she gives him — ie; she’s now on the same channel as everyone else. She also checked with her non-profit contacts and found out about a quinceanera in Demons territory, but doesn’t think that might be what the Crips are targeting. Because if you go after family like that — that’s going to turn this simple gang war nuclear with a full scorched earth mindset that won’t be able to be hidden.
  • Warrior Woman (in her civilian identity) went to school and looked forward to talking to her police officer dad during dinner.
  • Chlorophyll King in the late afternoon headed over to Tooti’s to try to see about joining the gang. Unfortunately, they look at a paunchy 40yo and waved him off. They tell him to go get a Demon, if he wants to prove himself. He did, however, linger in the area and kept an eye on things.

Six Empire City Pizza delivery cars arrived at Tooti’s driven by people in crips colors. They come out of Tooti’s shortly after wearing Demons colors. Chlorophyll King followed them over to a warehouse and snuck closer. He saw one guy in Crips colors telling the others what to do, but he’s not close enough to hear. He also saw that there are a lot of guns.

After reaching out to the others and telling them what he found, Chlorophyll KIng subdued a guard, bound him, and then manages to corrode and screw up some of the guns. The others arrived and set up (except for Major Marbles who has other commitments until nightfall). Four cargo vans full of zombies arrive.

Everyone there got into position for a fight: EmpireCityWarehouse-20150509.png

  • Cucoyo and Chlorophyll King are ready to rush into the main warehouse from the north.
  • Warrior Woman is ready to rush into the main warehouse from the south.
  • Dusty Rose is ready to disable the vans that delivered the zombies and come in through the loading docks behind the zombies on the east.
  • Major Marbles is arriving via uber where he’ll be able to listen in and do what he can in the hour or so before nightfall, when he’ll be able to heroically arrive.



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