Tag: Chester Hill


  • Session 1: Meetings and Zombies

    Our inaugural session began with our heroes meeting in the [[Chester Hill | Chester Hill]] cemetery of [[Empire City | Empire City]]. [[:major-marbles | Major Marbles]], [[:cocuyo | Cocuyo]], [[:warriorwoman | Warrior Woman]], [[:chlorophyll-king | …

  • Searching for Clues

    p. Our heroes had [[:manny-torres | Manny Torres]]' address after they captured him. The warehouse where they had met was coincidentally a half a mile or so away. Unfortunately, that was half a mile across the [[The Crips | The Crips]]' territory in [[ …

  • Session 3: Tooti's

    p. After their recent questioning of [[:mel-rodriguez | Mel Rodriguez]], our heroes chatted about their options on a nearby roof and decided on a plan. They headed over to [[Tooti's|Tooti's]] that evening and scoped things out to see what they could find …

  • The Crips

    The Crips of Chester Hill. Chief rivals of the [[The Demons | Demons]]. So far, their known hierarchy: [[:damien | Damien]] - [[:manny-torres | Manny Torres]] - [[:guerrera | Officer Guerrera]] Their color is blood red.

  • Gangs of Chester Hill

    While a number of gangs have claimed portions of the Chester Hill neighborhood, in recent years it has been reduced to just two: the [[The Crips | Crips]] and the [[The Demons | Demons]].

  • The Demons

    Archrivals of the [[The Crips | Crips]], little is yet known about this group or their organization. Their gang color is black.

  • Guerrera

    [[:cocuyo | Cocuyo]] knew the man’s brother and that he’s been a patrolman for a long time. He’s pissed that he’s been passed over for promotions a number of times by those whom he feels are much less qualified.