Thanatos Disaster

Overview of the Disaster

The first thing to know about The Disaster, as it was called, was that it felt like an invasion. Thanatos, the Mad Mage, had planned it with utmost precision. At 11pm, every corpse, cadaver, and dead body in all of the city’s cemeteries rose up and marched into town. They came from every direction, because back then there had still been cemeteries in every neighborhood.

In a pincer maneuver, the zombie troops had started to take control of the city under the command of Thanatos’ minions. While The Avenger and The Dark Avenger struggled to deal with them and to find Thanatos, the Mad Mage was summoning something much worse.

Survivors of the battle described horrific, demonic creatures, and blood raining from the sky. The people of Empire City fought in the street to protect themselves, demonstrating their resolve. But it was The Avenger’s sacrifice in his personal battle with Thanatos that ultimately turned the tide. With Thanatos unconscious and defeated, the zombies collapsed and the demonic creatures vanished.

In The Aftermath

After the disaster cremation is strongly encouraged, and even subsidized. All cemeteries have been consolidated outside of city limits. Currently, Empire City has two, both on the southern edges of Chester Hill. They have strong walls and are regularly patrolled. The nearby precinct houses of The Harrows and St Christopher are prepared to be the first to react if a threat comes from those directions.

Thanatos Disaster

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